pinecone garland!

Remember the pinecones I painted last year? Here’s the post in case you missed it 🙂

I decided to make them into a garland this year! Super cute and super simple!

Of course, I checked pinterest for some tutorial ideas, but most of them were kind of complicated. It’s so much easier to just knot the pinecones with yarn.


 photo 1216pinecone-1_zpsb5874a83.jpg

tying knots on the gold-tipped pinecones… i think they might need some more glitter…


 photo 1216pinecone-2_zpsfd2677a4.jpg

all the pinecones tied together


 photo 1216pinecone-3_zps58e0954f.jpg

hanging on our fireplace!!


 photo 1216pinecone-4_zps037c8a56.jpg

the stockings that I made last year 🙂