The Perfect Coffee Cart!

antique golden coffee cart spray paint

I’ve been looking for the perfect coffee cart for a while now, but they are so expensive! Fortunately, I drive past antique shops every day… and one day this adorable cart was outside one of the shops!

antique coffee cart to spray paint

It was only $75!

For comparison:

comparative coffee carts

The shop owner told me this was called a “tea cart” not  abar cart – I just search craigslist and found some really cute tea carts. None were as cheap as this one, or as cute… but if you’re looking for one to spraypaint, try the craigslist in your area!

My bar cart has a removable serving tray, and I got so excited when I brought it home that I started spray painting immediately and forgot to take a “before” photo of the entire cart… Here’s the tray:

removable rattan serving tray gold spray paint

I love this metallic spray paint from Lowe’s 🙂 THE BEST! It paints so evenly on every surface without dripping!

rattan coffee cart ready to spray paint coffee cart spray painted gold


During the winter, I put down a drop cloth and spray paint in the basement!

I love spray painting, because the whole coffee cart was finished in about 20 minutes…

coffee cart filled with mugs

Finished cart with all my fun mugs!

coffee poster framed decor

I’ve had this poster/wrapping paper since May… and I’ve been waiting to hang it over a coffee station since then…

I bought the frame at Joann’s, because it was 50% .off. This frame from Ikea is a little cheaper – but Ikea is pretty far from my house.

Maybe I’ll do a future post on coffee cart necessities & styling, but right now I’m just happy I found one!!