Peppermint Peplum

This is one of my summer tanks I reach for again and again… I made it in a fabric I love with a super soft lining, so I just love wearing it! The only thing I don’t love is this pattern… The arm holes were gaping, so after I finished it, I added in darts that sort of solved the problem. I need to read up on how to fix these problems for real, because that’s why we sew — to make clothes that fit us perfectly.

Did I mention the pattern is free?

So maybe I do love it. You can’t go wrong with a free pattern that gives you an opportunity to learn more sewing skills like tailoring. However, I didn’t learn those this time I around, so you’ll get a tutorial next time I make this.

First up — the fabric selection!

Fabric Choice

I bought this fabric on sale at Joann’s years ago, because I thought it was beautiful. I never found anything to make with it (probably a good thing, because I didn’t know much about fabric selection at the time), so it just sat in a cubby until I found the right pattern.

It’s pretty sheer, so I lined it with a super soft and light jersey knit. That’s prob not what you’re supposed to do, but I have a few RTW tops that line sheer with jersey, and I love them. I didn’t do the peplum on the lining: just left it un hemmed inside until I knew the final length.


Sometimes I print patterns on scrap paper (most of the time). This had to be one of the best scraps I’ve pulled out of the printer…

Although I’m sorry the cat is missing, obviously. I just also think people don’t realize that cats go live other lives! You can’t make an outdoor cat stay with you!

Lucie and her BFF Coal needed to be very close to me while I worked… this was after I chased them through a field because they ran off.

The problem with “gathers” patterns, is that the pattern pieces end up so long!

I didn’t love the binding around the arm holes and neck line, but I guess that’s what you have to do. It gapes a little bit, but not enough for me to not wear it. The arm holes were the biggest problem, so I just added darts. Of course, I didn’t document them, because I’m a bad blogger. Also I did them completely incorrectly, so it’s probably better that you don’t see them.

Binding on the arms, but not the neckline yet.

Literally must ALWAYS be in the photo. If you look at the bottom left of the picture, you’ll see the gathers aren’t sewn on yet, and the white jersey was longer than the blouse… then once I could wear it, I hemmed the lining.

Love it! Please ignore my backyard that is primarily weeds without grass… at least it’s green.

Prob won’t be able to wear it as much this summer because it’s a little short to cover the bump, but maybe I’ll make another one.