Pattern Organization

I found a great product for organizing my craft room, and I had to share with you! I think other sewing bloggers have used these before, but I thought it would be a good time to remind my readers that these exist 🙂

The BUMERANG Pants Hanger from Ikea!!

using the bumerang pant hanger from Ikea for sewing pattern organization is probably the cheapest method I've found yet!

These are definitely the cheapest (I searched Amazon for something similar, but nothing for $0.99). I bought 10, and 2 of them didn’t work… so I’ll be returning those.

I really thought 10 would be enough, but was pleasantly surprised to find that I have more than 10 patterns with several waiting to be printed!

For a few weeks, I had patterns everywhere! Some were hanging from skirt hangers (that I really needed for clothing), some were laying on top of bookshelves, others were on the floor. It was getting pretty bad. The room looks much neater with everything hiding in the closet, and all the small pattern pieces clamped together.

The clamp holds all the small pattern pieces together for easy storage

Look how neat it is with all the little pieces clamped together! 

I’ll be going back to Ikea soon to pick up more. I realized my winter wardrobe is really lacking, so I need to pick out more patterns and get to work!

One of my favorite ways to organize my sewing patterns