Painted Wood Sign


Welcome to the 25 Days of Christmas series!! I’ll be posting everyday with Christmas projects, gift guides, holiday scrapbooking suggestions, and some of my own Christmas traditions. This is my favorite season, so I’m really excited to be sharing it with you!!

I made this sign last year a few days before Christmas and didn’t post it on the blog.

12 1 sign-1

We got a wreath as a housewarming gift, and it came in this wood crate… I knew I had to make something out of it.

Unfortunately, this thing was glued and stapled together, so it took a lot of time to pry apart.

12 1 sign-2

I eventually decided to make a wood sign out of the slats… I just needed wood glue and heavy books 🙂

12 1 sign-412 1 sign-3

Of course, I painted the whole board white….

12 1 sign-5

I found the template online somewhere – lots of ideas in google images 🙂 Then just cut the words out .

12 1 sign-6 12 1 sign-7

I filled in the letters with grey paint – because white and grey are my favorite color combos 🙂

12 1 sign-8

I definitely should have used cardstock instead of plain paper. I didn’t expect the paint to bleed through the paper :/

12 1 sign-9

I was able to cover most of it with the gold pen and more white paint 🙂
Here’s a link to buy this gold pen that I love!

12 1 sign-10

You can’t see the mistakes once it’s on the fireplace mantel…