[VIDEO] Packing for 10 Days in Europe

Check out everything you need to pack for 10 days in Europe... all in a carryon at EatWellTravelOften.blog! Wwe learned from our mistakes!

I’ll start by admitting that we overpacked for this trip to Europe. But we really didn’t know what to expect weather-wise. And we thought we might go out for more fancy dinners. Anyway. Here’s what you actually need to pack for a trip like this.

I’m going to assume you can’t do laundry for 10 days, but that you’re also not a fashion blogger. I’ve packed it all in a suitcase to demonstrate, and I’m confident you can do it, too! I try to fit as many necessities in my carry-on (and backpack) as possible and leave the bigger luggage for larger cosmetics, souvenirs, and any gifts for friends 🙂


  • 5 t-shirts in different colors (We love the JCrew Mercantile Tees)
  • Blouse-y tank
  • Chambray top
  • Other interesting shirt?

If you followed along in our instastories, you know we wore the same tanks and tees on different days. So I recommend bringing several, and I wish I had brought one long-sleeve tee. You never know what the weather’s going to be!


There’s some variation here for personal style, obviously. Stefanie and I prefer skirts/ dresses, and these looked cute with sneakers every day. However, if you’re going to Paris you NEED dark denim and black dress pants. Or black denim. Basically — it’s true that they wear dark pants, but never leggings, all the time.

  • Dark jeans
  • Denim skirt
  • Other skirt/ fancy shorts
  • Joggers
  • Black dress pants (BR Sloan, Gap Super Skinny, etc)

As Jersey Girls, it was hard to put away leggings for the 10 days we were in Europe!!! We only wore them on the plane and during the bike tour ? Joggers are great, but not quite the same.


These should cover any nice dinners, as well as just being comfy running around town.

  • Solid
  • Stripe
  • Floral

We definitely packed more dresses than we needed. Like I said earlier, we thought we would go out more. You only need a few.


  • Umbrella
  • Raincoat
  • Cardigan
  • Crossbody bag
  • Large Scarf
  • Little Neck Scarf for Paris! They keep you warm and they’re chic!

Apparently, I don’t own an umbrella at home, but you definitely need one while you’re traveling. We picked one up at Harrod’s when we realized it would be raining all day on the bus tour.


  • Sneakers: black Nikes and white Sperry’s!
  • Flats/sandals
  • Heels

Wear on the Plane

Some of these things you won’t even need to pack because you should already be wearing them!

  • Sneakers: I wore the black Nikes on the plane.
    Even those these can be hard to take off in security (TSAprecheck solves that problem!), the socks are worth it when you’re on a loooong flight. 
  • Jacket: This can take up a lot of space in your suitcase, so just wear it on the plane.
    And it keeps you warm in the cold cabin!
  • Large Scarf: Obviously. This serves as a second blanket, eye mask, etc. You need it on the plane
  • Leggings! You probably won’t wear them once you’re in Europe, but you need them on the flight!

In your backpack/ tote:

I prefer a backpack because it won’t hurt your back as you run around, but there are a lot of great totes that attach to your suitcase. Here’s what should go in there!

  • Laptop
  • All your chargers!
  • Small Cosmetics (or all your cosmetics if you’re not checking a bag)
    This makes it easier to remove in security
  • Travel Documents
    Keep them accessible!
  • Clorox Wipes
    I have gotten a cold twice on overseas flights. CLEAN EVERYTHING YOU TOUCH.
  • Refreshing Face Masks
    Important for feeling human after a 7+ hr. flight
  • Books 🙂
    I usually load up my kindle, because I never know what I’ll be in the mood for
  • Journal
    Usually for reflection during the flight home

Packing for Europe:

Linked our favorites or similar items below. I was able to find some of the exact items we wore, so you’ll see them pop up in photos over the next few weeks!

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