our apartment!

I have to admit, I kind of thought we would invite everyone we knew over to our little apartment… but soon we realized it is pretty small. Really small. We love it and it’s great for having another couple over (or several people who also live in small spaces and understand the struggle)… So for all of you who have not seen it – Here’s a tour of our little home 🙂

I also really wanted to document our first place before we move this year. We haven’t found a house yet, but we need something a little closer to my work (anything would be an improvement).

* once again, i have to apologize for the lighting… it’s either too bright or too dark in this place, and I need a real camera. Or some crazy photoediting skills *

 photo hometour-16_zps9d52c83a.jpg


 photo 442a2517-11b9-4e53-8199-dbd641ba40c7_zps8a34aa64.jpg

 photo c1c158e1-8e6e-4ebb-94fa-7faecfd26c54_zps1ed9beca.jpg

yes, yes we should get a rug


 photo hometour-18_zpsb70557f4.jpg

grey striped pillow from H&M; yellow pillows from Kohl’s; cable knit from Nautica; wool blanket from Tory Burch

 photo hometour-24_zpsddc5fede.jpg

so many books….

 photo hometour-12_zpse4a1b128.jpg

 photo hometour-13_zps88e4f775.jpg

our first fish tank….

 photo hometour-27_zps0eab00b0.jpg

love my piano!! and our corner cabinet!

 photo hometour-30_zpsc42fc5f6.jpg

pottery barn dishes – emma collection. LOVE THEM.

 photo IMG_5185_zps4e2bac37.jpg

my gallery wall moved after we got the corner cabinet… but i like it here too 🙂

 photo IMG_3725_zpsa6562d6a.jpg

my kitchen with very little counter space… we have a lot of appliances…

 photo IMG_3272_zps3a04acaa.jpg

i made this bulletin board! someone gave us the original frame/pin board with a really ugly fabric backing, so I replace the fabric and added ribbons. I update whenever I want to change my color scheme… And I mostly use this little table for baking/cooking, not eating….

 photo hometour-31_zps2373fb0f.jpg

 photo IMG_5178_zpsb1d15cdd.jpg

tiffany box from our half marathon!

 photo IMG_4691_zps790f4965.jpg

the bathroom is pink. i have no other words.

 photo vgfp-1br-classic_zps35130296.jpg


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