Projects for the Apartment

So Eric and I built our coffee table… we try to be productive with our boredom πŸ™‚

Now that that project is complete, I can finish working on everything else…

Here’s my to-do list/ shopping list that will last me a while:

  1. Living Room Curtains: gray and white
  2. Couch Pillows (our current ones are soooo ugly): yellow and gray
  3. Tablecloth: gray and white, or just gray
  4. Bedroom Curtains: Gray and Purple.
  5. Baskets: under the new coffee table, planning on buying at target.
  6. Wedding photo prints (haven’t gotten from the photog yet, but I hear they’re almost ready)
  7. Oh, and the second half of my thank-you notes…. CONFESSION: I only sent out half of them last time :/ still have some more to write…