One Year in Our House

Happy one year anniversary to our house!! I can’t believe we have been homeowners for a full year… The year has been hard, and we’ve learned a lot, but we love our little house!
I wish I had more “before” photos to share, because we have made so many improvements. Except for the landscaping… That looks worse. It’s possible our house actually looks abandoned :/  We’ll work on that next year…
One of the very first things we did was rip up the carpet and refinish the hardwood floors. They look beautiful! We also did some painting – the walls are grey in real life. This photo makes them look blue :p

Then there was the basic homeowner issues: our hot water heater broke, pipes froze, and our fireplace didn’t work…
We installed a coal insert to solve the fireplace issues:
fireplace beforeafter

I finally finished and organized my craft room (it didn’t stay this neat for long) :

And we bought new windows for our living room, so no wind and snow will get inside! Seriously, that happened last winter. It was so cold.
Some room are not “finished,” which is why I haven’t shared them online yet. Our kitchen is beautiful, but it doesn’t have any of our personality yet – I have some plans for that 🙂 Our bedroom doesn’t feel finished either… We want to buy a new dining room table and chairs to complete that room… And we have a major renovation planned for the attic/second floor that is not being used right now.
So many plans! We’re not sure this is our “forever home,” but we love living here and can’t wait to improve it.
Thanks for stopping by!