next project: alterations

My latest endeavor has been learning to alter store-bought ready-to-wear. I’ve lost weight since college and a lot of the clothes that I like just look too big on me, a.k.a frumpy. Then there are the times I try things on too quickly and a piece is too big. And always – pants are too long.

Hemming is the easy part – just one line sewn around the bottom. My issue is altering waistbands and shoulders to make skirts or dresses really fit perfectly

Meanwhile, my stack of alterations has just been growing. I don’t want to lose money on any of these pieces, or even sell them, because I actually want to wear them.

So I found this course on, “Tailoring Ready-to-Wear”, (there’s also a webinar on BurdaStyle for alterations on the 26th), and I’m super excited to get started. I can’t wait to add all these clothes to my wardrobe –