new gallery wall

Moving into the new house meant moving our little gallery wall! I showed the beginning of my gallery wall in this post, and the collection has expanded since then.

For our housewarming party one family bought us a chalkboard print sign, and Eric’s aunt had one of her photographs printed on wrapped canvas. We love that almost everything has a family connection or a story behind it!

I decided to start hanging in the hallway – I know the walls will stay bare there. The living room furniture might move around, so I didn’t want to put holes in the walls quite yet.

Here’s a photo of the planning process!

 photo IMG_5619_zpse139a582.jpg

I decided to remove some things and move some things around… and came up with this:

 photo 122gallery2_zpsf764e5e3.jpg

The river/ nature photo is from Eric’s aunt, and the “Bless this house” sign is from our friends. Both were housewarming gifts! so cool!

We definitely have room to grow! Our walls are plaster though, so we’re trying not to hang up too many things and mostly sticky-tac anything possible.

 photo 122gallery3_zps04c7e1a5.jpg

Also, the walls are GREY. not blue. just in case it comes up.

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you enjoyed the “tour” of our hallway!