neon obsession

I love summer for this reason: neon.

unfortunately, I am never tan so neon does not look as good on me as it could… Here are some of my favorites lately πŸ™‚ I wasn’t able to find all the sources…

april 30 pic1

beautiful top. and her fashion blog is the best.

april 30 pic2

Love this mini bag!! could possibly be buying this soon πŸ™‚

april 30 pic3

I’m not sure if this falls under neon – but I also love mint skinny jeans.
Need to go to Gap and buy a pair.

april 30 pic4

sherbet orange skinnies!

april 30 pic5

and neon fingers!!

april 30 pic6

real neon πŸ™‚

april 30 pic7

* sorry I searched and searched, but can’t find the original link for this one *
neon fitness gear: need to be bright when running outside so the cars can see you!
I especially love that this one has #beast on the back… too bad I can’t find it online!!
Seriously – I don’t understand why people don’t wear reflective clothing while walking/ exercising in the dark…