Nautical Quilt + One Month with Henry

I started this post when Henry was only one month old! And I never got around to publishing it. Well, now he’s 18 months, but I’m going to leave the post the way it is and remember how cute he was/ is. Time fliesssssss etc. etc. etc.

Can’t believe bébé Henry has been with us for a whole month! I thought it was time to share his baby quilt 😊 Lately, I have NOT been loving the process of making things (blame 2020), but I love the finished result. Usually a few hours into the project, I get in the flow and start enjoying myself.


Apparently, there weren’t too many nautical fabrics available this year, but Hawthorne Supply had a lot of options from their collection.


I really loved Natalia’s quilt and knew I would make the same one for myself someday! If I had a girl, I probably would have made the same colors and everything ha.

This is a beautiful pattern, and I love how Rita from Red Pepper Quilts shares her method for making EVERYTHING nest perfectly. It comes out perfect every time… but takes forever! And I’m making another one for a friend, so I’ve been slightly dreading working on that one, even though I know it will be beautiful. (ps from the future – i never made this. maybe i will now in 2022)

Because this one wasn’t actually scrappy, I needed to step back, evaluate, and arrange everything to avoid too much orange or aqua in one area of the quilt.

I wasn’t finished with the quilt before baby’s due date, but I got that extra week! Perfect combination of maternity leave and needing a distraction from the anxiety wondering when he would show up!

Henry’s First Month

Things have been going better than I expected! He is such a great sleeper, and we have our little routines every day. He wiggles constantly in his sleep… moves all over the bassinet and I find him squished up against the side in the morning (although I think he likes that the mesh keeps his binky in his mouth while he’s sleeping ha).

He’s not rolling – but how does he end up like this?!

He naps in his crib during the day, since that room is the only one with room darkening blinds. The Taking Cara Babies course teaches baby how to be flexible with his sleep… but because of quarantine, he pretty much always just sleeps in the crib or bassinet. Oh well!

We dressed up for Halloween! and even got Eric to participate when he saw the cute onesie I bought for Henry.

Lucie is a little jealous, but mostly really good with him. I feel bad because we don’t get to run and go for walks like we used to. I just don’t trust myself managing the stroller and the dog by myself (I’m terrified that she’ll pull, and I won’t be able to hold the stroller… need to practice somewhere safe).

I’m going to write a whole post about maternity leave as a freelancer… but let’s just say I didn’t do it quite right ha. I didn’t work ahead as much as I needed to, so I still had some articles to write. Even though he sleeps great, and I pretty much have enough time in the day, I’m just more distracted and tired. Wish I had just written all my recurring content ahead of time 🙄

Eric went back to the office after two weeks (his business is essential, and not really possible from home) because I was really feeling fine, and then Stef came out to keep me (and Lucie) company. SAHM life during quarantine is pretty lonely. Especially when you’re awake but just tired enough to not want to do anything other than watch Hallmark Christmas movies. And I never pictured myself as someone who would only talk about their baby…. but there’s really nothing else you can think about other than feeding them and why they’re crying or how to stimulate them enough when they’re awake so they’ll nap well but they can’t really do anything except stare at lights on the ceiling.

Every day really feels like this 3-hour Groundhog Day situation. Eat – wake – sleep – repeat repeat repeat repeat repeat. I almost never know what day it is.

Not that it’s bad! I’m really not complaining (how can I complain about this cutie!!), it’s just how it feels!

And that was month one!

I’m trying to be specific, so I look back on this and remember exactly how these things felt… and if you’re a mom, maybe you’ve forgotten, and it brings back memories… or if you’re not a mom, maybe this helps you relate to friends and prepare for your own babies.