Tomorrow is National Scrapbook Day!

National Scrapbook Day is tomorrow, so here's a few perfect supplies for the holiday!

Did you know National Scrapbook Day is the first Saturday of May?? I just found out, and I’m super excited!

Step 1: Order Pics!

Shutterfly is having unlimited free 4×6 prints when you order through the app… of course, you can make Shutterfly albums on your computer and them order them on your phone 🙂 I ordered a lot of pics.

Remember how I’m working through all of my college albums? So I ordered all of sophomore year, and I’m ready to knock it out! Can I do a whole a year in one day? I think so. My goal is just to have them in an printed and off my computer.

Step 2: Gather Supplies

Um, I have a lot supplies 🙂 So I’m always prepared for National Scrapbook Day! I love using alphabet stamps, because I tend to run out of alphabet sticker letters. And my mom & sister bought me a messy box subscription last year, so I have that to work with.

Here are a few necessities:

Step 3: Reserve your dining room table and get to work!

You’ll need space to sort your pictures and lay out all the paper. I’ll be working at my dining table all day long 🙂 I also have a long queue of podcasts to get me through