My Christmas Decorations

We decorated our tree before Thanksgiving this year, since we went to West Palm Beach on Friday. We always use a fake tree, and I love how simple/ clean it is.

I can never decide on the coloring – the past 2 Christmases, we’ve used the purple ornaments from our wedding. I knew I was tired of the purple, but I couldn’t decide on the color. I decided on white and metallics…

More on those felt snowflakes next week!

new starbucks ornament

the most adorable starbucks ornament with flamingos!! had to buy it!

handmade ornament from a local craft fair

bought these at the craft fair also, but it’s made by women in haiti from recycled soda cans. I bought three different shapes

Here’s my mantel! I struggled a little, but the wreath really pulled it together.

My little stack of Christmas books! and a felt snowflake…

Piano decorations 🙂 Especially love the Caroling sign!

The candy dish will replace our little woven basket for holding keys – so much cuter !

I’m still building my collection of Christmas decorations, and I can’t wait to share more throughout the season!