Most Used Sewing Supplies

Back in 2016 apparently, I wrote this post about the essential sewing supplies for the beginner sewist. First of all, my graphic design skills seem to have been better back then lol

But mostly, I think that’s a great resource if you’re just getting started and you need a list. Here are the tools I reach for each time I’m sewing or quilting.

Thread Cone in a Mug Hack (ok not sewing supplies!)

I pretty much only use white thread (since I primarily quilt), so I buy large cones and put them in a mug! I’ve heard thread stands aren’t too expensive, but the mug has been working fine!

Tiny Scissors

I love these tiny scissors for snipping threads. Of course you can get any brand you want, so don’t need to stick with the name brand. My mom also gave me her cross-stitch scissors when she dropped off all her supplies, but I keep those with embroidery/hand sewing supplies.

Rotary Cutter

I had the rotary cutter set on the previous post, so you should know I’m still using it. Mine has flowers, but I can’t find one like that online, so I’m linking a pink one. Sometimes Joann’s has special collab collections that are so pretty and I have to stop myself from buying 🤩

Ergonomic Seam Ripper

Sure, you could use the seam ripper that came with your sewing machine… but can you find it?? The problem with those is mostly that they get lost too easily. This one is slightly larger and more comfortable (although one could argue that it’s never comfortable to tear out stitches).

Walking Foot

If you’re quilting, you MUST use a walking foot. Sometimes I just use it for all my sewing. I have a Janome, because the one that came with my sewing machine kept breaking 😳 I do find that it comes loose pretty often, but that might just be a sewing machine screw problem.

Basting Spray

I should have listed this one first because it has made all the difference in my quilting. I don’t even know how people use pins (probably they sew slower, which I’m never willing to try). Here’s a video on how to use basting spray. I think I learned about it from someone else online, but it’s truly the best.

Headphones as Sewing Supplies

Ah the most important part of sewing: wearing headphones. Plug in that audiobook or turn on a show and enjoy your time alone. I have Bose noise cancelling, but obviously anything will work. The noise-cancelling does lower the sound of the sewing machine so you don’t have to turn up your volume so loud

What are your most-used sewing supplies (or quilting!)? Should I be using anything else?

I think I’m going to go back and edit that sewing supplies page because I don’t use a Rowenta iron anymore, and I think some of my opinions have changed.