Monogram Napkin Tutorial

monogram napkins made with target napkins and simple embroidery skills

Is it too soon for another napkin or embroidery tutorial? Maybe… but these monogram napkins are so cute and fun, I had to share!

I bought this 4-pack of napkins from Target for $9.99, then washed and dried them as normal. They need to be washed and dried before embroidery so it doesn’t shrink later and mess up your embroidery!

I wanted each napkin to look the same, so I printed a 2.5-inch W in a cool font on normal paper, then traced onto some leftover water-soluble paper.

You can also do this with a disappearing marker, chalk pencil, or water-soluble pen, although I think the chalk would probably wipe off the fabric as you work with it.

tracing a letter to embroider onto my neutral napkins

I just used a pencil to trace, and then cut around each square, so it would fit in my embroidery hoop.

Tracing with pencil onto water-soluble paper for a simple embroidery pattern cut the paper to fit in the embroidery hoop

I wanted a dainty, but visible stitch using a single strand in half… so really 2 strands.

Then I used a chain stitch, which is great for rounded edges. Its a super simple and quick stitch!

used a singled strand of pink embroidery thread, in half

Once I made all four napkins, I realized I wasn’t sure why I chose pink…. My tablecloth has pink in it, so it does match, but I’ll probably monogram in grey next time. Especially for gifts.

using a chain stitch is perfect for a monogram, and makes beautiful curves

Just dissolve the stabilizer, and you’re done! This little project was so quick, even for four napkins

Once again, these make a perfect housewarming or wedding gift. I need to start making these in all letters of the alphabet, so I’m ready to visit friends and family!