mini political rant

I don’t normally post things like this because I’m honestly not that interested in politics. I think God’s in control; I’ll do my part by voting in elections, but I can’t worry much about politics outside of that.

Unfortunately, many people are overreacting to the recent election. All the hateful posts (on both sides: people hate Romney and people hate Obama) are ridiculous. Maybe it’s because I attended school in South Carolina and have many friends from down south, but I’ve seen so many anti-Obama posts that I’m embarrassed for the people posting.

I voted for Romney. I didn’t like him at first, but after the debates I did think he would be a good president. On election day, I fell asleep at 11pm ET and he was ahead… when I woke up at 11:30, Obama was president again… weird feeling.

But the thing that provoked this post was the petition from 20 states in the south to secede the union.


And I have friends signing this petition.
*They’re facebook friends, so our actual level of friendship is minimal…. but seeing the petition appear in my news feed was still upsetting.

America is about many different people (the “melting pot”), personalities, and opinions joining together to pursue freedom! You need to have different parties to represent these opinions. Guess what. Most people wanted Obama. Survive the next four years with his difference of opinion and find more people to vote for your side next time.

Like I said, I voted for Romney (I even watched Obama 2016, and I learned a lot from it).  I don’t know how a president with such a high unemployment rate or such a high spending problem was re-elected…. but apparently no one else noticed these things.

That doesn’t mean you just leave the Union!

Once again, the wonderful thing about America is how people can come together with different opinions and support each other in compromise. Don’t just quit and leave when things are difficult…. you’re just providing more reasons to mock Republicans.

BTW,”the South will rise again”? Really? You didn’t really rise… you were beaten by the North.
*the jersey girl in me needed to get that out…

OK southerners… before you go signing the petition, think of a different way to achieve your goals. Don’t support the dismantling of the best country in the world. It’s only four years.