Mighty Machines Log Cabin Quilt

It’s been a while! I’m about 6 quilts behind on the blog and a few garments, so I’m trying to catch up during this quarantine. With the baby quilts, some of these kids are over a year old now, but I need to write the post in order to remember hat I made the quilt! I try to keep the blog as a journal of all my makes… so let’s play catchup!

First up, we have this log cabin for my friend Natalie and her baby, Joshua. I love making log cabin quilts because they come together so quickly. For this one, I used the Mighty Machines jelly roll and a solid grey for the other side of the cabin square. This fabric just has great colors and makes trucks and airplanes look chic.

The solid color makes a traditional pattern look super modern. Natalie’s favorite color is orange, so I knew the orange centers would be great!

Pretty sure each square was 14″ making the quilt 56×70… but I can’t remember exactly. Sorry for the terrible lighting on these… my house isn’t really conducive to quilt photos.

The binding is leftover strips from the jelly roll.

The quilting is diagonal along the solid portion, very similar to this quilt I made for my mom a few years ago.

Lately, Lucie has been especially demanding. On this day, she decided I was looking at the quilt when I should be paying attention to her, so she jumped on the table…. on the quilt….

Lately, I’ve loved folding the quilt up and then wrapping it in a ribbon or some leftover binding. Then I’ll put it in the bag or just hand it over 🙂

I also have a cute photo of the baby on a quilt 🙂 Anyway, one quilt down! I have plenty more posts to come, just need to schedule them out!