married life

Something I recently said to my husband:

I feel like we’re just 2 little kids who got left home without adult supervision… so we eat all the pizza we want, eat all the jellybeans, watch TV all day, don’t make our bed, drink lots of soda…. you get the idea.

**we’re not really that bad, in case you’re concerned….

For real though, marrying young is pretty cool because you get to grow up together. You get to do all the ridiculous things you want to do with your best friend all the time.

I linked to an article in my last Friday faves that mentioned marrying young, and compared it to a startup vs. a merger. I really love this quote:

What are the advantages of a startup marriage? For one thing, you will both have memories of your life together when it was all still up in the air. You’ll have fun remembering the years when you went from being scared newcomers to the point at which you realized you were going to make it.

Even more important, you and your spouse will have made your way together. Whatever happens, you will have shared the experience. And each of you will know that you wouldn’t have become the person you are without the other.

Many merger marriages are happy, but a certain kind of symbiosis, where two people become more than the sum of the individuals, is perhaps more common in startups.

– Charles Murray

I think most people our age (in their 20s) think that marriage turns you into a responsible, boring person – but that doesn’t need to be true. Just have fun with the person you love. All the time. Be yourself.

Sure, getting married makes you responsible for paying for your own expenses, and that’s not always fun. And you’ll find out that your mom isn’t around to wash the dishes, so you should probably just do it before you run out of glasses and/or forks.

But the rest of the time – just have fun with your best friend and go on adventures. That’s what marriage is all about at any age – but especially when you’re only 23.