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We can’t believe our trip to Europe is over.. It was so fun, and we can’t wait to go back!! I thought I’d make a post per city that we visited 🙂 We walked about 8-10 miles every day!!

The first day in Madrid was the day we got off the plane – I had a cold, and I was slightly delirious from the time change. Flying through the night is pretty awful :/ sleeping on a plane is really challenging, even with all my practice sleeping on the bus.

We saw the Royal Palace the first day, and then we went back to our friends’ house and slept for a few hours. We went to Toledo the next day (post on that next week), and then back to Madrid the day after.

We went to the Prado Museum, which had some amazing sculptures and Spanish art. Then we walked around the Rotiro Park.

For my birthday I ordered some new scrapbook supplies, and I can’t wait to get started with these photos!!

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The Royal Palace in Madrid

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Ceilings in the palace

Most of the museums/castles/palaces wouldn’t let us take any photos inside, so we bought a lot of postcards for the scrapbook. For the palace, we were only able to take photos in the entryway – which was still pretty elaborate and gilded 🙂

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the Coat of Arms for Madrid

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the gate in Madrid – their version of the Arc de Triomphe

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one of the many fountains in Madrid

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“Taste of America” seriously?? we are known for pop-tarts, fluff, and fake icing. I’m ok with the doughnut mix 🙂