Lucky Log Cabin in Rifle Paper Co.

I have quite the backlog of projects to finish and a few to post about, but we’ll get started with this one that I’m cuddling in right now, because I’m in love. This time I also kept track of how long it took me, and how much it cost… just in case you’re curious.

People always ask me why I don’t sell quilts or want me to make them one, and really no one understands how much they cost. Fortunately, almost everything for this one was on sale, but it does take some time. So I’ll share all the specifics first and then notes on the process problems I had.


What I like about tracking is that 14 hours doesn’t sound like that long to me… it didn’t need to take me over a month to finish this, but I primarily quilted during Henry’s 2 hour naps on the weekends. I also listened to audiobooks while I was sewing, so I feel like I’m multi-tasking on my goals.

2024 update: Henry doesn’t nap anymore, so I’ve lost this window, for quilting and the only time I have is after bedtime 😴 but I’m exhausted lol


So the quilt pattern said I would need 20 fat quarters to make the quilt in the LARGE THROW size, and I was happy to discover that this bundle had 21 fat quarters. It’s great because everything matches and you can just get to sewing.

My main concern was that it would be too busy with so many prints, and it is pretty busy… but it’s a throw for cuddling on the couch… not a bedspread. If it were on my bed, I would want to break up the pattern with some solids.

I love the travel theme obviously, and the metallic florals included in the bundle are beautiful.

I did have one issue: the selvage on some of the Rifle Paper Co fabrics were over an inch wide! So I had to trim down the strip sets (based on the pattern), and my squares couldn’t be as big, so the dimensions were different than the pattern said.

Which tbh happens to me sometimes anyway because I am NOT a precise quilter. But this was definitely a few inches smaller than originally intended.

I posted this trimming photo, and someone suggested I leave them outside for the birds to make nests. I told them I have enough birds trying to make nests in my old house.


I spray basted as usual, but the Minky was difficult to tape down… You need to use like duct tape for it to actually stay stuck to the tape and the floor. It just came unstuck from the tape, so I accidentally spray basted some wrinkles in. Fortunately, they didn’t all get quilted in. And it’s the back. And the Minky is so cozy, it’s hard not to love (jk, I hate working with it. I just love having a cozy quilt in the end).

So I did the wavy stitch the Emily at Quilty Love is always doing (she talks about it in this blog post  and on her instagram often), and I love it. It’s difficult to quilt something more than a baby quilt on your home machine, and the Minky makes it extra heavy, so some of the waves aren’t perfect. But you really can’t tell. And sometimes I would forget to adjust the stitch setting after refilling the bobbin or something like that.

It was nice to mix it up from straight lines, and more forgiving when something wasn’t actually straight (again, I’m not a precise quilter, so that was a big problem for me).


I almost always use the black and white stripe as my binding, because I love the modern look on the edge. You can do a very traditional pattern with standard fabrics, but the contrasting black and white kind of graphic stripes are definitely modern.

100% inspired/copied from Red Pepper Quilts who always does a stripe binding.



Again, I always blame Minky for my issues: it’s heavy and slides around and makes your machine SO FUZZY.

But it’s so cozy!

I have to investigate further, but I broke several needles during quilting (which really shouldn’t happen if you’re wondering). I did use random cheap white thread, so that broke a few times… and the needle kept unscrewing!

Part of my issues was probably sewing too fast. Which is always my problem. But I know my machine is having a technical problem with the bobbin that was supposed to be fixed last time.

Anyway – I have two more quilts I want to make before I bring it in to get serviced again. I’m on a roll! I can’t get rid of my machine right now!

Narrator: she was not on a roll. She didn’t quilt again for over a year


This pattern is definitely great for beginners… but beginners should not use Minky (even though I did on my second quilt when I was 15).

Personally, I think 14 hours for a large throw quilt is really great time. Some makers are about the process and other are about the product. I LOVE having my own quilt to wrap up in. I love choosing fabrics and mixing colors… I don’t always love the process. But the end result is motivation enough.

Now I have to pull my self out from under my cozy quilt and get ready for the day.

My mission is to keep this quilt for myself and not let any toddler, husband, or dogs claim it!!

One year later update…

Well, if it isn’t the consequences of my own actions.

Like I said when I wrote the rest of this post back in 2023, I am not a precise quilter. So I struggle with the 1/4″ seam allowance. Unfortunately, one of my seams split (I think there’s another one somewhere but I can’t find it!).

I decided to use the leftover fat quarter to cover the whole, and I actually think it looks pretty cool.

I picked the New York block, because I’m right over here in New Jersey. I did wash the fat quarter before I added it, because the quilt has already been washed a few times over the past year.

Then, I just did a zig zag stitch to attach it and cover the hole.

I hope this holds up! Sorry for anyone that I’ve given quilts to and this may have happened. I do my best 😅


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