late-night sewing

After a long day of working and apartment-hunting (and planning the engagement party and attending Bible study and running errands, etc.), I decided to work on that white quilt that needs to be finished.

It’s going to take a while.

I have a question for the quilting community: is there a method to the meandering/ wandering stitch? Because I never thought it would take this long to do, but because it covers the entire quilt it’s really taking a long time. I’m probably doing it completely inefficiently, but I guess I will just continue in this fashion because I have less than half of the quilt left.

And if I didn’t have enough quilts to think about, the Etsy blog posted this pattern for a picnic blanket… and now I want to make it. I need more hours in the day. Solution? learn to live without sleep (I’ve been trying to accomplish this since Freshman year of college, and it hasn’t worked yet).

And with that, I think I should say good night. 11pm really isn’t that “late-night” to be calling this post “late-night” sewing… but I like to go to bed around this time 🙂 and I have work tomorrow like the rest of the world. Good Night!