knit donuts

like everyone else in the country, I am obsessed with donuts. I posted a couple weeks ago about all the new recipes and donut-themed product.

Well, I decided to knit some donuts.

Don’t think that I came up with this own my own though. I found it on pinterest. But it’s super adorable and uses one of my favorite brands of yarn – Sugar and Cream.

Click Here for the pattern. And this is their photo:

 photo 828donuts_zps7d35cdf2.jpg

My donuts look like this:

 photo 828knitdonuts_zps338274bc.jpg

I really wanted to add sprinkles… but haven’t had time and just really wanted to share this fun pattern! One donut took me about 2 hours (without adding sprinkles).

But you may ask – what in the world will i use knit donuts for???

Good question. I have no idea. But they’re cool. People will think you’re awesome for being able to knit – and not just knit a scarf, but knit a donut. Talent.

In other donut news – Below is a photo of donut peaches. For those times when you really want a donut but you know they’re bad for you.  photo 828donutpeaches_zps2385b488.jpg


Happy Thursday!!