Kitchen Tour & Fav Recipes Recently

Since we’ve all become food bloggers now, I thought I’d share what we ate the past few weeks You may or may not care, or you might be looking for a few ideas of your own ?

I plan 2 weeks at a time, so that I only do one large grocery store run. Sanitizing everything takes a long time, so trying to keep it minimal. However, I usually run out of spinach and clementines during the week, so I can’t make it a full 2 weeks without going to the store…

I also wanted to film a kitchen tour, and this post seemed like a good place to put it 😊

This post may contain affiliate links… because I finally figured them out.

Back to the meal plan. I’m using this book and this book by Danielle Walker, then supplementing with pinterest…

Breakfast: Usually a smoothie. You can find those on my instastories…. Lunch is usually just leftovers!

Beef Tacos

Used the meat for tacos, then taco salad, then random toppings… so tasty!! and a big batch.

Easy Beef & Broccoli!

I’m allergic to soy, so this was the first Chinese food in a long time that hasn’t upset my stomach. And now I’ve made it at least every other week.

Soy is weird because it’s in everything… so unless you cook all your food from the ingredients, it’s really hard to leave out. I’ve felt SO MUCH BETTER this week making my own food. Which is unfortunate, because I don’t really want this to be my life… but I guess if I keep making easy recipes it’s not too bad.

Also made I Heart Umami’s Sweet & Sour Chicken… I think we like beef & broccoli better, but definitely something I would repeat!

Instant Pot Ramen

This makes a huge batch… so we’re still making our way through it, but loving every bite. I switched out the soy sauce for coconut aminos, obviously. I promise this recipe is easier than it looks. Although, it definitely took me longer than 45 minutes. My instant pot takes a VERY long time to pressurize. We made chicken broth with the chicken bones (I freeze all my veggie scraps when I’m cooking to add to broth)!

Tikka Masala Simmer Sauce + Naan

I haven’t been bold enough to try making my own Tikka Masala (i feel like this is one of the things everyone is trying in quarantine….) but I usually just pick up a jar of simmer sauce and mix it with chicken. Usually I buy naan at shoprite, but I’m working on making my own. I’ll let you know when I find a recipe I like.

This is something I make once a week. Usually on Tuesdays, to be exact.

And of course, a lot of frozen pizzas and burgers on the grill

Friday is always pizza night (sometimes I make the dough, sometimes we do frozen), and then I usually give myself a break from cooking on the weekend… and Eric will grill burgers

And in case you need it: here’s my favorite dutch oven bread recipe, as well as a cinnamon raisin version, because it’s delicious.

This blog will not turn into a food blog — I promise (I mean, I know I take the best food photos ever, and you’re dying to see more). This was just an easy way to show all the new things I’ve been trying!! They’re delicious and all very simple, so don’t be scared!