kind of creeper…

what have i been doing lately? well obviously i gave up on the post-a-week thing… recently i’ve taken up following people. but it’s legit i promise 🙂

as a fundraiser, my school is having a student-body wide game of tag. we were given the name of a student and we have to find them and tag him or her. After tagging the person, we have to tag the student they were after.

within the first hour of the game, i received 3 fb messages warning me of who was after me, but he got me anyway 🙁

fortunately, with another donation, i was back in the game!

my first round-2 target was pretty easy to find… so is my second, but she’s putting up a fight. I sit right behind her in our student-body chapel so i followed her out one day, but she refused to leave the building…. and then i had to go to class, so i let her run…

today, she chose a different exit and i didn’t see her. a friend called me a couple minutes later and told me that she was right behind me! i ran, and she ran, and i chased her across front campus…. i tagged her, but apparently i was supposed to tag her with my printed tag sheet assignment and not just with my hand– “no physical contact is allowed”– and she ran into the safe zone of a classroom building.

with help from a faculty member, i have her class schedule (this is generally the first step of the game: ask a faculty member to help you find the schedule of the target) and i assigned my sister to wait outside her class and call me when she left. i was stationed outside to corner her as she left the safe zone….. she never left… currently i’m in the campus coffee shop, with the exit in sight, waiting for my sister’s call. she has a special code for which exit the girl is leaving from “hi mom, you can pick me up by the library/ copy center/ gazebo” depending on which exit the girl chooses.

BREAKING NEWS: target has been hiding in a safe-zone stairwell. she has a class next and won’t have to leave the building again… ughh this girl needs to just give up already.

well… i’m recruiting friends to help me after her next class.
i am willing to be late to class in order to catch my target.

other than that, life has been good… busy 🙂
more updates later!