June Reads

So somehow I finished 11 books in June, and I’m not sure how. I did read a few more fun books than usual, and I think 2 were YA, so that helped me get through them a bit. And most of them came from the library through the Libby app, which is the best thing ever.

Here are a few little reviews:

Romance | Thriller/Mystery | Non-fiction

Realizing now that I didn’t read any literary fiction, so that’s probably why I read so many books. These were easy to get through.


I think these would barely be considered romance novels. They’re more like heartwarming stories, and romance is one factor to the plot.

The Summer of Songbirds

I loved this: three best friends from summer camp since they were six years old try to figure out how to save the camp after COVID. But also there’s love and breakups. There are three perspectives, but one is an aunt instead of the other best friend, and you kind of understand that the other friend lives far away and not super involved. It just felt like the three perspectives should be the three “songbirds.”

Romantic Comedy

This one is so cute. I was smiling the whole time. An SNL (called TNO in the book) writer believes that hot female celebs always fall for the nerdy not-so-hot writers on the show, but male celebs would never fall for a not-so-hot female writer. Curtis Sittenfeld read a lot of behind-the-scenes book on the making of SNL to write it, and I love that about it.

The Hotel Nantucket

I’m loving Elin Hildenbrand right now (probably because it’s summer time), and I love listening to her podcast, too. I love that all the places in her stories are real. There’s a real Nantucket Hotel downtown, and Nantucket Looms sells the blankets, and even the clothes Lisbet wears are actually clothes by island designers. Which is not something I ever would have expected, but I learned on the podcast.

I don’t know how I felt about the ghost. I don’t love ghosts, but everything else was great.

Thriller/ Mystery

I think I prefer actual mysteries to thrillers (more like Tana French than the books I read last month), but they’re quick to get through.

The Mystery Guest

I loved The Maid, and I loved The Mystery Guest. It’s a “cozy mystery” so think a Hallmark Channel mystery, but so much better writing 🙃

Only If You’re Lucky

I thought I was crazy, but then I read reviews that said the same thing: this book starts slow. And it’s a MURDER! There shouldn’t be any slow parts. It finally gets moving about half way through, and then you can’t put it down. I may have liked it better if I read the physical book vs. listened to it, because I can read faster than the narrator talks.

A lot of truth or dare 🤪

The Naturals

My beige flag is that I’ll read any book I see recommended on booktok, and this is an example of that problem. The Naturals is DEFINITELY YA. I mean, teenagers being recruited into the FBI kind of YA. I still really liked it and have book 2 on hold at the library. But this one isn’t really teaching anything or adding anything to my life other than fun. But I definitely recommend if you need an escape and want something fun.

More truth or dare.

It Starts with Us

Finally got around to this one.

Many of the reviews said this was a very long epilogue to It Ends With Us, and I would have to agree. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t want to read it. I really liked it, but not much actually happens. It’s showing the happy ending we don’t quite get in IEWU, and it has more of Atlas’ side of the events.


I try to read one non-fiction book per week, usually about 30 minutes per day. So this tracks pretty well.

You Are Not Alone

This is a children’s book I got as an ARC for pre-ordering another book.

I read the adult version years ago (it came out in 2020!), and I really loved the simple reminders in this book. Jennie Allen also adds a few summaries on making friends and anxiety, which were helpful for me as an adult. I think this would be great to read with your 8-12 year old. I think it might be a little too simple for teenagers?

Bird by Bird

My annual reading of Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird, and I loved it as usual. So many great lines and great reasons why we read and write! It always makes me want to be a fiction writer (but I’ll just keep reading more fiction).

House Rules

This is a decorating book/ coffee table book, but still worth reading! I loved the photos, but I really love her design reminders. I think most of it can be found in her other books, but this is a great way to organize the concepts and the book is just beautiful. A great housewarming gift for new homeowners.

The Life Council

This book talks about the 10 different types of friends you should have in your life, and while 10 sounds ambitious, it really made me think about what my friendships are missing… and I realized that I might be the funny one in my group. I’m not funny enough for that pressure, so I need to make a new friend that helps me laugh.

Great, fast read.

So what are you reading??


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