Jelly Roll Quilts – WIP

1 22 jelly roll quilts-4

Quilting like crazy this week! Everything goes much faster when using a jelly roll – no cutting and the colors already coordinate 🙂

1 22 jelly roll quilts-9

I knew I wanted to try out the Log Cabin Quilt, since this book has been lying around my house for a few years 🙂 This method is SO FAST, and you can do so many different things with a traditional log cabin block. Here’s a link to this book.

1 22 jelly roll quilts-4

I love this Canyon fabric collection!! I will definitely be buying more of it in the future. I saved this scrap for my king size log cabin someday.

1 22 jelly roll quilts-1

I also made a log cabin out of the gooseberry fabric collection. I love the goose toile print, but I don’t know if I can look at another large polka dot for a while :p

1 22 jelly roll quilts-2

1 22 jelly roll quilts-2

I also have the book, Jelly Roll Quilts and love the Friendship Braid pattern! The braid pattern is pretty common, but I like using the trapezoid shape instead of strips to eliminate some of the waste in trimming.

1 22 jelly roll quilts-3

This Bright Sun fabric collection is not getting enough attention. I love it! The arrows are so cute, and I love all the tribal prints.

Anyway – These have been super fun quilts to make, but I think one of my favorite parts of quilting is coordinating fabric. Using a precut jelly roll where everything already matches kind of skips that part, although it is much, much faster.

But this was a really fun experience, and I can’t wait to show you the completed photos!!