Ikea Bookshelves!

This one’s going to be a quick post about my shelves in my living room! These have been hanging in my house since July 2019, but I love them and want them documented on the blog!

Unfortunately, only one of these plants has survived. I’ve trimmed down and revived the plant in the pink pot many times. It’s a “wandering jew” and super easy to propagate. In the clay pot, that little leaves have been falling off for years, and it’s finally completely brown. The pothos has survived for a long time, and something about the past few months has turned it completely yellow. I think part of it was the months of rain we had with no sun.

Here’s another time I tried to put plants in my house. I can’t believe the pothos died after 5 years! I was doing so well.

My house looks really bright when you’re inside, but it’s just not bright enough for plants.

Ikea Shelving

I’ve had this plan for a while now, and decided these shelves would be the perfect fit. These are the brackets I bought, and the white shelves. I wanted them slightly more decorative than just white boards. At the time, Ikea didn’t have white brackets (now they do), or it’s possible I didn’t decide on white until later? Either way, I spray painted the natural wood white. Now that I think about it, I might have wanted natural to start, and then Eric convinced me to do white instead.

This is why I need to write blog posts closer to the actual making of the project.

Attaching to the Wall

We have old plaster walls, but we knew I wouldn’t be putting anything too heavy on them. We didn’t worry about it too much, and Eric let me just place them wherever I wanted.

Glad he knows how to do all these things!

Decorating the Shelves

The best part! I wanted to display all of my Penguin Classics out in the open, but didn’t want the room to look cluttered with a big shelf of mismatched books (I have a million books, and bookshelves just end up as dumping grounds instead of decorative).

Of course, I wanted the plants in a brighter corner, and a few other little things features

I love these little poodle figurines. My grandma gave them to me a few years ago. She had dementia, but loved my puppy! Even though couldn’t remember that I had a real poodle all the time, but she found these in her house and associated them with me. She kept saying, “maybe someday you’ll have a real one.”

All the plants look so healthy here! wahhhhh I’ll replace them the dead ones this year, and see if I can start fresh and keep them alive.