Hurricane Sandy Update

Just wanted to post an update because I know many people are wondering how we’re surviving up in Jersey 🙂


Because of the incoming hurricane, my grandma left her house next store and went to my uncle’s house in Sparta. I didn’t have work on Monday, so Mom and I hung out until the power went out around 5pm. Because our street has a million trees, we knew that if we stayed and a tree fell across the street, we would never be able to get out of the house…

We went to an empty rental property that we have…. and around 8pm the power went out there. We didn’t sleep at all because the wind was so loud.

In the morning we drove around to the bakery and the cafe to make sure everything was ok and not too damaged. The damage was actually a lot less than Irene because we didn’t have any flooding. This time last year my mom was dealing with a foot of flooding in the bakery for over a week…

Eventually we made our way back to our house. Obviously we had to take a long way home because of all the road closings from downed trees and wires.

So many houses had trees uprooted in their yards… As we came down our street, we found that we had one down too… but it landed on my grandma’s house.

this was one of our healthy trees… and i can’t believe how the wind picked it up by its roots…

We were so happy that no one was home! Especially grandma, but it would have been scary to hear that from inside our house, too.

My fiance came over with a generator to hook up our coffee maker! we were so tired from not sleeping the night before. Of course, we also charged our phones 🙂

Then he and his dad pulled out their chain saws and cut down grandma’s tree!! Mom and I couldn’t watch because we were scared seeing them crawl around the roof cutting down limbs :/ It helped so much to see the total damage to Grandma’s roof.

Eric covered the roof with a tarp to stop the water/ wind from getting inside, and Uncle Tommy covered the one broken window.

So we’re all safe and waiting out the power company…. they’ll turn on the electricity some time…

hanging out with the kitty on my days off 🙂

So my mom and I slept on our couches in the living room for the night… but we have the Pottery Barn Comfort couches, and they’re sooo comfortable… like, I slept better on the couches than in my bed… and we were warm from the propane heater.

I’m so thankful for my fiance’s family (apparently the only family with electricity in Sparta) who let us come over and take showers and hang out. So much fun!

I definitely have the best fiance and future in-laws 🙂

It’s been nice having off for the past few days… waiting for power in the city and the flooding to go down. Mostly just hanging out with my mom, watching TV and cleaning up.

Also working on wedding plans while we’re sitting around. So much to do and less than 2 months! Can’t wait for my sister to come home for Thanksgiving!

Anyway, just wanted everyone to know we’re safe!



  1. Jamie
    October 31, 2012 / 2:20 pm

    I’ve been so worried about my family up there 🙁 im so glad to hear you all are alright. Cant wait to see you all soon. The wedding is so so close!!! 🙂


  2. October 31, 2012 / 2:24 pm

    So sorry to hear about your house! Hope everything is fixed soon, and life can get back to normal.