Hurricane Sandy…

Currently, I’m just waiting for the power to go off…

Since I work in NYC, the office was closed for the day. The buses and subways aren’t running so there was no way I could have gone to work if the office was open…

I actually work right next to the water, soI’m hoping we don’t have any flooding and that I can get into work tomorrow… so much to do! but right now I’m enjoying my long weekend 🙂

I must share this picture.

Clearly, the family on the right is the most concerned about the storm. They were boarding up windows since Saturday…

We do not live in Florida. We don’t even live down the shore. Your windows are safe.


  • My fiance has a new job!! He’s an engineer and needed a design job in order to take the Professional Engineering exam… He’s already had his years of field experience, and as much as he didn’t want to give up a job that he already had, he needed to find a design job… Now he found the perfect little place and he’s really happy about it.
  • And since his job was official, we could decide on an apartment! I really love the place we’ve applied for, but they haven’t called to tell us we’re approved yet, so I won’t post more on that. You’ll see lots of new decorating inspiration and cooking ideas once it’s official.
  • 60 DAYS UNTIL I’M MARRIED!!!! Not sure why the countdown on m blog says one month… it’s definitely closer to 2 months… but still so close!! More on that tomorrow.

If you’re in the north east: STAY SAFE. Have a good day off!