Housewarming Gift Round-Up

Happy Friday, everyone! So happy it’s the weekend! And we’re almost done with whole30!!

Today I’m just going to share some of my favorite gifts to make for others. These are pretty simple to make, and your hosts will love that you made something for them!

I try to have a few gifts ready at all times for when I visit a new home. Add a Kraft paper bag and some pretty tissue paper, and you’re all set.

Housewarming Gifts

8 Simple Housewarming Gifts to have on hand when you're visiting a new home

  1. Linen Napkins: These go really quickly once you figure ou the mitered corners. If you pick a beautiful fabric, your host is sure to love them.
  2. Hand Embroidered Hoop: It’s hard to resist motivation quotes to display around the house, and these hoops are pretty quick to stitch up. Try making a few in an afternoon (while binge watching some of your favorite netflix shows), and you’ll be ready for the next party.
  3. Handmade Aprons: Also available over in my etsy shop! Find a simple pattern on pinterest, and go crazy with fun embellishments! Any home chef will love this gift.
  4. Coffee Cup Sleeve: Another pattern you can have fun with! Make the burlap sleeve and then add all the embellishments. I need to redo this post and add some better instructions!
  5. Monogram Napkins (or anything): These are a great choice if you know who you’re visiting! You can’t really keep these in your gift stash, since you need to know what initial you’re monogramming. You can stock up on napkins through Amazon, so you’re always ready to monogram.
  6. Candles: Just shared this on Wednesday, but what a great thing to keep around! Collect some vintage tins and containers while you’re at a flea market, and you’ll have plenty of adorble gifts. You’ll need to buy some wax bulk though: candles take much more wax than I expected!
  7. Potholders: So fun! and a great way to express your creativity. Sort of like making a quilt, only smaller and not as time consuming 🙂 There are so many variations to these!
  8. Gold and White Ceramics: Using the gold leafing pen, you can easily dress up any dollar store or Christmas Tree Shoppe mugs.

I hope this gave you a few ideas for gifts to make. I know sometimes I just want to run to Home Goods and pick something up, but it’s much more thoughtful to give handmade. And your host will appreciate the gesture!