Happy National Sewing Month!!

Well, it’s been a while guys… I spent most of the year focusing on my freelance writing business, but in honor of National Sewing Month I’m going to knock out some projects!

national sewing month 2017 goals and plans

National Sewing Month Goals

  1. Get through my WIP stack:
    To be honest, these pieces are barely WIP. But I do have a large stack of fabric with patterns attached and ready to be cut. I have a few dresses, sweaters, leggings, tshirts…. a bunch of things :/ really need to get through these things.
  2. Plan out my fall capsule wardrobe:
    I’m going to try Project 333 (3 months, 33 items) and clean out my closet for Oct-Dec. I’ve actually been looking forward to this all year… This summer, I’ve worn the same few shirts and shorts and it’s been pretty great. Can’t wait to do the same thing this winter!
  3. Post my office/ sewing room makeover:
    I recently moved my craft room upstairs to my attic – more space, and it’s out of the way! I made my old craft room into a guest room (aka, come visit us!), and that means one less room to tidy up when friends come over… or one less room for the puppy to rummage through.

national sewing month 2017 goals and plans

Other Life Updates

Since I haven’t exactly been consistent with blogging lately, I thought I’d let you know about other fun stuff happening in my life!

  1. We went to Israel and Jordan (oh, and I started a travel blog!)
    Check out the posts here: Sea of Galilee, Jerusalem, and Jordan
  2. We got a puppy!!! She’s a standard poodle, and she even has the same birthday as me 🙂
  3. I’ve been reading SO MUCH… maybe not that much, but a book a week! Which is way more than last year… This is probably why I haven’t been sewing as much with my free time. Check out what I’ve been reading over on goodreads!

new puppy on mostlysewing.com

Do you have any sewing goals this month? Maybe just to sit at your machine for 5 minutes a day? Something is better than nothing!!