Handmade Tree Skirt

With all the burlap my mom has, I decided to make a tree skirt 🙂 I am 100% positive I did not use the “correct” method for making a tree skirt, so I’m not going to create a tutorial. I’ll just show some of the steps and, of course, the finished product 🙂

how i measure/ cut the burlap to size after measuring the space on the floor 🙂

adding the backing

more backing- on sale at joann’s!

under the tree 🙂

I have lace and ribbon that I wanted to add… but the more I see it in plain burlap, the more I like it. I think I might just be lazy, but it really doesn’t look bad in person – the picture isn’t that great.

Next week I’ll talk about our tree more 🙂