Half-Square Triangle Pillow Covers

DIY Simple quilted pillow cover tutorial

So I started Whole 30 on July 5 and haven’t had much time for sewing, because I’m cooking ALL THE TIME. It’s not my favorite thing to do… so I can’t wait for this to be over.

These pillow covers are really simple, especially because I used my Sizzix Big Shot to cut out the triangles. I just turned the crank and had 16 triangles! It was amazing to work with. I made covers a few years ago in grey and yellow, and I used this Pottery Barn Tutorial for the envelope pillow back.

Pillow Cover Details

  • 24″ square pillows
  • 4″ half-square triangles
  • 36 squares per pillow


Tutorial for Pillow Covers

  1. Cut out the necessary amount of triangles. This will take some simple math skills.
    I had 24″ pillows, and a 4″ inch die, so 6 squares across the top and down the sides.
    6×6 = 36 squares total for the pillow
    That means I needed 36 grey triangles and 36 white triangles.
    I hope that makes sense, because I’m not a math teacher!
    half square triangles made with a sizzix and ready for my quilted pillow covers

    With the Sizzix, the corners are already trimmed! Saving more time

  2. Sew together the triangles, and double check that you have enough…
    two stacks of triangles ready to be made into pillow covers!
  3. Plan the layout:
    I’ve been loving the simple triangle layout with all triangles facing the same direction, and then I just scrolled through pinterest really quickly for a few more ideas and love the herringbone layout!
    half square triangle pillow cover layout
    half square triangle layout in the herriingbone pattern for a pillow cover
  4. Sew together, quilt a quilt sandwich, and square up, like you would normally… but don’t add the binding
    quilted pillow covers
  5. Cut 2 back panels for each pillow: These should be the width of the pillow (24″) x half the length (12″) plus a few inches: mine were 24″ x 18″.
  6. Fold and hem long edge of each panel: You only need to hem one edge, because the rest will be sew to the front
    hem the long edge of the back panel for the pillow covers
  7. Lay the back panels on the quilted front with right sides together, overlapping the hemmed edge. Trim and pin all four edges
    lay the back panels on the front with right sides together, overlapping the hemmed edges trim and pin all four edges
  8. Sew all the edges, flip inside out, and stuff with a pillow! You’re done!
    sewn edges of the pillow covers envelope overlap of the pillow cover back quilted half square triangle pillow covers

I’m obsessed with these! So simple to make, and adorable! of course, It’s much faster to make a pillow cover from one long piece of fabric, like the first ones I made. But this didn’t take too long ūüôā

Do you use different methods for making pillow covers? I felt like a zipper would take too long…