Gore Mountain Day Trips

This winter I took 2 day trips up to Gore Mountain with friends! We stayed at a different cabin each time. There a few settings more picturesque than a cabin in the mountains after a fresh snowfall. A classic “Winter Wonderland.” We spent time curled up by the fire playing board games with friends. (Maybe it was more like dancing around the cabin to Lil’ Jon and drinking wine, but like who’s keeping track anyways??)

Gore Mountain Day Trips:

One of our favorite winter activities is skiing, so basically we are ready to go skiing at a moments notice. We had a few good snowfalls this year, and I was thrilled when my friends asked if I wanted to join them at Gore Mountain. From a skier’s perspective, Gore is a great spot because there aren’t many tourists but there are tons of trails for a variety of skill levels. On my most recent trip, there were many runs where no one else was on the trail besides our group! And it had just snowed a million inches (slight exaggeration), so we had fresh powder to ski through and some gorgeous views. What’s not to love about that? ?⛷❄️ Here are a few highlights from the ski trips!

Beautiful views on the drive up to Gore Mountain for a Ski trip

I mean, any drive that involves a riverside view like this is a drive I’m all about. This is on the way up to the cabin we stayed at on Friends Lake which is about a 20-30 drive from Gore Mountain. It’s a 3-4 hour drive from NYC – the perfect distance for a ski weekend, but you can even make it a day trip if necessary.

Taking the lift to the summit of Gore Mountain

As I mentioned earlier, the conditions were amazing after the last snowfall. It actually got pretty warm as the day went on, so there were a few slushy spots by the end of the day. When I went during February it was very cold, but this time in March I wore only my outer jacket shell and was very comfortable. If you’re planning on visiting, definitely be sure to check the weather including the wind chill. The wind is usually the killer when deciding how to layer. If you’re not dressed appropriately, then you’ll definitely be freezing. It’s just never fun to ski when you’re THAT cold.

view over the Adirondacks from Gore Mountain

Ok, so it might not be the Rockies or the Alps, but the Adirondacks are still beautiful mountains to be proud of. And when you find great skiing on the east coast, I’m definitely not going to complain! Not to mention, Gore has some pretty insane glades to ski through if you’re ready for it. Word of warning: watch out for the black diamond glades “Bark Eater” …the name says it all. Let’s just say I became a literal tree hugger for a while.

I love to ski! at Gore Mountain

I live for double black diamonds, and it’s always my favorite part of the day whenever I get to fly down this one. Jk, it’s all “Lies” ? (I’m usually silently freaking out and hoping I don’t break something…and let’s just say it’s good no one can hear what I’m screaming inside my helmet).

Friends at the top of Gore Mountain

Only thing that makes skiing even more fun? These people! Can we make this like a ski club/weekly thing? K, thanks.

Friends Lake Cabin at Gore Mountain during ski trip Friends Lake Cabin up at Gore Mountain

I’m a huge fan of little cabins nestled in the woods like this. The best places are when you drive until you lose all cell reception….then you know you’ve arrived for a true ski weekend!

Gore Mountain ski trip

After a random cold spell and 20 inches of snow, we drove back up to Gore to take advantage of the last weekend of winter. So glad we were able to sneak in one last amazing day of skiing (Did I mention we did 20 runs down the mountain in one day!? #legday).

And last but not least (although I forgot to take a picture),  Gore has surprisingly good options for gluten free customers! They have soup at a very reasonable price (and if you are one of the fortunate people who can eat gluten – definitely go for the bread bowl!). Usually, they have at least one gluten free (love the chili!) and vegetarian soup option. Additionally, they have Udi’s gluten free bread available at their sandwich bar.

I was really impressed to find gluten-free options in a ski lodge, compared to the typical pizza, French fries, and chicken fingers you see at most places. Way to go, Gore! Nobody wants to experience a “hangry” gluten-free foodie after spending hours working up an appetite on the mountain- so thanks for thinking of us 🙂

I’m really looking forward to coming back to Gore next year and any new mountains we’ll visit! Now that spring is finally here, I’m 1000% ready to say goodbye to ski season and hello to some warm, sunny weather.


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