golden pinecones

I found so many pinecones while walking back from the laundry room at my apartment complex! This scraggly little pine tree produces so many perfect pinecones! you can still see some hanging on there….

First, I baked the pine cones… you need to kill all the bugs inside of them – kind of gross to let them in your house! Baking also gets rid of the sap and seeds. I had some trouble with this, and I should have baked them for longer. I ended up pulling all the seeds out, and some are still falling out…
250 degrees for 45 minutes works – I only baked for 30 minutes and it was too short.

don't forget to bake your pinecones!

Now you have lots of pine cones ready to be painted!! I found gold glitter paint at Michael’s, and it worked so much better than I was expecting!!

I probably could have applied more paint, but I like the natural pinecone look…

Remember the Terrarium I made? Well, the cacti died. So I used the bowl for Christmas decorating!!

The apartment is starting to look festive! Really need to find a good holiday tablecloth….

Later this week: our tree and burlap tree skirt!!

Hope you’re having a great start to the Christmas season!


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