Gingham Daydream Quilt

I just love the Brave Enough to Dream collection from Dear Stella. I bought the fabric from Fabric Bubb after seeing their instagram post and fell in love. Eric’s cousin, Brian, and his girlfriend Randi are having a baby boy, so I thought this would be perfect for them! Actually… all of our cousins have boys ha I just mixed in some greys, so it’s not completely baby-boy-blue.

I chose the Gingham Dream pattern to show off the prints. But of course, Lucie makes it difficult to show off a quilt.

“Does my tail make the quilt look better? This seems like a fun angle.”

I’m obsessed with the stripe binding on all the quilts, and then I added a flannel backing I found at Joanns.

I just love these Ursa Major constellations… with the beautiful bear drawings.

And this print is also one of my favorites. Beautiful colors and animals… I just love everything from Dear Stella!

I mixed in some light blue spaceships to make the gingham work out better. And this year, I started adding year embroidery to the quilts to track that a little better. I just make it really faint, so at least it’s on the record 😊

Of course, I always fold and wrap it up with some leftover binding! And just another fun use of the stripey contrast!

For some reason I couldn’t get all my corners to match up on this one. I guess I must not have been as careful with the sewing as I thought I was… so there’s some mismatched spots. But I’ll have to try the pattern again and see how it goes.

Randi’s shower was at the beginning of March. It was a beautiful shower, and so glad we got to be together before quarantine started!