gift guide: gifts for me!

For this week’s Friday Faves, I’ll post some of my Christmas Wish List 🙂

I can’t think of anything I’m dying to have… but these things are pretty cool 🙂

  1. Penguin Hardcover Classics – I have a few of these, and I’m always trying to build the collection!
  2. Pleated Plaid Dress – perfect for winter with tights and boots 🙂
  3. There They’re Their Print – love this so much. crazy grammar girl that I am
  4. Jeweled Llama Sweater – I just really think this sweater is great. It’s warm, and it has llamas. What more can you ask for???
  5. Success is Not Easy – The Everygirl just opened their shop with great prints and phone cases. They used advise from interviews for all the quotes – love everything here!
  6. Itunes gift card – whoever said gift cards are not thoughtful did not know me. I love itunes, and gift cards are great!
  7. Starbucks GC – These seriously help keep my coffee budget lower. Please contribute. Thank you.
  8. Oversized Sweater – love all the hearts on this one 🙂
  9. Faux Fur Snood – I don’t know how to pronounce “snood,” or where they’ve been my whole life. Weren’t they called cowl scarves before??
  10. Pouf – I wish I could make these, but it’s probably just easier to buy one 🙂
  11. Illustrated Moleskine notebooks – I only use Moleskine notebooks and I love buying illustrated ones from Etsy!
  12. FitBit Flex wristband – these are a little cheaper than the Nike Fuelband and you can buy interchangeable color bands, too.

I probably should add a lululemon or underarmour GC to that list….need some more gym clothes.

OK, now my husband has some ideas for Christmas 🙂