Friday Follows: Mom Accounts

I feel like some of these are the big ones that everyone follows, but if you don’t follow them, then you definitely should.

Most of them have 3-4 kids while I only have the one (I’ll have to do a post on having the one perfect child), so sometimes I’ll end up buying bigger packs of things than I need because they’re selling stuff for large families. But I’ll just gift them, and we have things for when friends visit.

Another thing about these follows is that they don’t just share Amazon links for you to buy stuff. I feel like I actually get value out of their stories, and they’re just inspirational as moms 💕 I have to unfollow some amazon-only accounts because they’re getting me in trouble lately!! Too much shopping.

But that’s for another day. Here are my fav mom follows:

The Mama Notes

I think I’ve followed Caitlin since before she had kids, but I love all the activity kits she puts together and all her shopping links. She has 3 girls, though, so doesn’t share any boy clothes. Love the vibe, though!

Momma Society

Mandy works with Caitlin actually, but she has 2 boys (and a girl!), so she shares some boy clothes, too. She also travels with her kids alllll the time, and is so inspirational. I follow a few travel accounts (maybe I should do a roundup of those, too), but it’s always different to see someone travel with young kids!

Kids Eat in Color

I have bought all of her meal plans, and she’s a great follow to remind you to keep feeding your toddler a varied diet. Also, I love how judgment-free her site is: no fear-mongering allowed there. Fighting food marketing and conspiracy theories all day!

Busy Toddler

Who doesn’t love Busy Toddler? I try a lot of her activities, and even though Henry loses interest in everything he touches, at least I tried 😅 the majority of activities are just things you have around the house, so it’s not difficult to pull together. She’s also great for gift ideas or stocking up a play/activity area.

Naptime Kitchen

This woman is so organized and I learn a lot from her about managing a house. Obviously she has recipes, but mainly I follow for tips on running a home. She gets a lot done and enjoys her children at the same time.

The Car Mom

I want this girl to be a sister. I think she would fit in well with us. I love everything she shares about car life and mom life. And she has car tours available with the info you really need to know (like how does your stroller fit).


This girl actually lives in the same county as me, but at least 30 minutes away so I never run into her in the wild 🤣 She has two boys, great style, and it’s just fun to see someone visit places I’ve also been to 🤣

She’s also one of the few people I’ve heard of that has a longer duolingo streak than I have (although I lost one streak around 200 days, so if they were combined, we’d be close). She’s very committed to daily activities, so that’s inspirational. I am not. I am terrible at doing anything everyday except for Duo. Why did I restart a daily blog?

Honorable Mentions

The Daily Tay and Lindsey Gurk are just funny and say what we’re all thinking about motherhood. Follow them for fun.

Who have you been following lately?

friday follows fav mom accounts collage


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