Friday Faves – September 27, 2013

Can’t believe I haven’t posted one of these in a while. Here are  some of my favorite things from this week/ season/ etc. 🙂

 photo 9272013collage_zpsb820f5d7.jpg

  1. Pumpkin Scones – will definitely be making these this weekend. I have these great pans for scones that I’m super excited to try out!
  2. Beats – these may change my life. The music sounds great, and they’re so comfortable on my ears 🙂 AAAAAAAND they double as ear muffs in the winter. Amazing!!
  3. Autumn in general – visit my pinterest board for some autumn inspiration. I’ve been pinning new things every day for my favorite season.
  4. Short, flippy skirts – This one is from Philip Lim for Target, but I’m seeing them everywhere and I’m happy about it.
  5. Terrariums – I will make a terrarium this weekend. I know I have posted this tutorial on the blog in the past, but I will make one this weekend! You will hear about it on Tuesday!
  6. SWEATSHIRTS – This has to be the best fall trend I’ve seen. Embellished sweatshirts! The one pictured is from J Crew, and they have several different styles (all on sale currently). I’ve also seen some at Old Navy for super cheap, and on Hallie Daily for not so cheap (but so beautiful!). I can definitely see myself wearing this kind of sweatshirt to work and getting away with it.

Hope you have a great weekend!!