Friday Faves | July 26, 2013

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  1. Royal Baby photos
    Let’s just admit that Katherine is perfect – Look at them wearing blue for their baby boy. Precious. And she delivered naturally, despite a 15 hour labor.
    I’m just wondering – I have long brown hair; why doesn’t mine look like that?!Princess Kate and Prince George Alexander
  2. Favorite Commuting Books – I needed something really long to read while I’m forever commuting on the bus. So I decided to try the Inheritance series again. I realized I had only read the first book when i was younger and never read the rest because they were published while I was in college. My library has these on their e-reader lending website, and I love that I can download to my kindle and not carry those 1000+ page books around in my purse. I’m on the 3rd right now and there might too many gory battles for me, but they make my commute feel shorter. Mission Accomplished.
  3. Nom Wah Tea Parlor
    My coworkers and I probably have eaten too much Dim Sum lately. We’ve gone twice in the past two weeks and just ordered a ton of food and split it. – I’ve gained 5 lbs.
    This is the best place for Dim Sum. First Chinese Dim Sum Tea Parlor in Chinatown – opened in 1920. It’s in the heart of chinatown, but they actually speak English here, so we managed to order what we wanted (we’ve tried 2 other places and not been successful). If you’re in Chinatown – EAT HERE. You won’t regret it.
    nom wah tea parlor
  4. And finally, my DIY project for the weekend – Arm Candy.   
    Or Friendship Bracelets/ any bracelets. Here a few projects I’ve found on pinterest that I can’t wait to try-
    7 26 2013 arm candy1
    7 26 2013 arm candy27 26 2013 arm candy3

Hope you have a fantastic weekend!!!