Friday Faves | July 19, 2013

New weekly post starting today: Friday Faves! Featuring some of my favorite things from the week. If I have a pretty boring week, I’ll still try to make Friday interesting by posting pinterest inspiration, a recipe (not likely), or a project for the weekend. We’ll see how it goes. Enjoy this week’s post!

    I love this trend!! I finally took a few minutes to look at pinterest tutorials and try it – SUCCESS! I quickly snapchat-ed the result to my entire friends list. Here’s my look for today:
  2. While we’re on the topic of fish, GOLDFISH are the best snack ever. I found out that a serving size was 55 pieces and only 150 calories. Unfortunately, this discovery led to my devouring half the bag….
  3. RUNNING to burn off all the goldfish, obviously. Seriously, though – I started training for the JP Morgan Corporate Challenge 3.5 mile run in Central Park, and now I’m kind of addicted. The northeast is currently in a crazy heat wave, so my little 3 mile run has been pretty intense. I’ve managed to keep my time the same, and I know when the weather cools down I’ll be running further faster. Also, this part of NJ is the most beautiful area for running.
    mostly sewing | Friday Faves

    yes…. my sister and I ran to the dunkin donuts by my apt for coolattas. It was at least 90 degrees outside. Literally – America Runs on Dunkin.

  4. INSTAGRAM WIDGET. I’m not sure when wordpress added this feature – but I LOVE IT! I tried to find code for this feature myself and nothing seemed able to update without changing the photo. This feature is perfect, and I’m so excited about it. Please follow me on Instagram and Twitter for more adventures 🙂

Just something to brighten your day: