Friday Faves | August 9, 2013

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  1. Notebooks 
    I’m a little obsessed with paper supplies. Most of the time I forget to write things down even though I have a million notebooks…. I tend toward Moleskine notebooks, but I recently found May Designs and I’m in love. I haven’t bought anything yet (because I already have several empty notebooks and decided I needed to fill those first…), but I love all their patterns and color options. They also have great monogrammed notecard sets that I will probably buy sometime soon…..
    May Designs teamed up with Spoonflower for a giveaway of notebooks ANDDDDD fabric – perfect for me! If you’re interested in entering…. click the photo below! Love everything about this.
    8 9 2013 may designs giveaway
  2. T-Shirt Quilts
    These are all over pinterest lately. I promise I thought of it first: back in high school when I had t-shirts from all the camps and events I’d attended. Then I went to college and had sorority t-shirts, cheerleading t-shirts, 5k t-shirts…… And now I need to do something with all of Eric’s college t-shirts, too!
    Anyway, I need to make one. Or several. We’ll see how soon that happens :/
    I’ve been in a procrastinating mood recently….
  3. #TBT Throwbacks 
    Since I’ve moved into the apt with my husband, I haven’t found all my old photos to Throwback with… but my sister posted this adorable pic yesterday and I had to share- No, we’re not twins. Yes, we were 90s kids.
    Screen Shot 2013-08-09 at 8.22.41 AM

That’s it for today…. Have a great weekend!!!