Friday Faves | August 16, 2013

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    Eric and I are taking off the 16th-19th… and it’s my first vacation of the year!! My company has a great holiday schedule, so I haven’t felt too bad, but I knew I wanted to save my vacation time for the end of the year – Our First Anniversary!
    Anyway, today we’re heading down to Washington D.C. to do some tourist-y things πŸ™‚ We thought about heading up to Boston or Cape Cod, but apparently those locations do not encourage spontaneity a.k.a. they were completely booked at least 2 weeks before – oh well. Just ready for some chill time with Eric πŸ™‚ follow my instagram for updates !
    8 16 2013 washington
  2. Sara Bareilles – Brave 
    I’m completely aware that I’m probably the last one seeing this video and everyone has already watched it. But it’s worth watching again. These crazy people will make you smile! Also – I kind of sing this all the time and it’s driving Eric crazy….

Well, that’s all for today. Off to vacation!!! Hope you have a fantastic weekend!!