friday faves – April 4

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Happy April!! Things are getting warmer!!
There were so many fun things this week… had to save some for next week, or maybe their own post.
Enjoy and Happy Friday!!!

  1. How to Make a Chipboard Album – I think this type of album would be a great gift! so different, and not too much work (like making an entire scrapbook might be)
  2. Advice for a Happy Life – Marry Young 🙂 and some other good tips.
  3. Renovating a French Chateau – I emailed this to my husband during work, “we need to do this someday!” to which he replied “someone is a little optimistic about our financial future…” a girl can dream.
  4. Cat and the Flat – probably the cutest thing you’ll ever see. Cats and Shoes – what’s not to love!
  5. How to Decorate with Giraffe’s – This was posted on April Fool’s Day and probably not meant to be taken seriously, but I personally think it’s a great idea!!!
  6. 100 Summer Rompers We Want Now – Ummm… gonna go hunt some of these down this weekend.

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