#FlashbackFriday : my first quilt

the first and second quilt i made used this ice cream cone pattern, and I still love it 10 years later!

Happy Friday! I have a few of my first quilts around my house, so I thought I’d share them on the blog!

When I was around 15 (and homeschooled) my mom bought a sewing machine from Sam’s Club. She had heard of Project Linus and found the greatest quilt pattern through their site. Without really teaching me how to use the sewing machine, she and my dad went on vacation, and I went to work on the quilt pattern.

My first quilt every made (this one is technically my second quilt) and I still love this fun pattern

Somehow I was able to sew the entire quilt without putting down the presser foot? We went to donate it through a local quilt shop, and she really questioned my tension… The next week I learned that I was supposed to put the presser foot down while sewing…

Also, I didn’t paper piece this. I cut all the small pieces out and sewed each block together: I had no idea what paper piecing was at all (and I still don’t really know much about it, but I’m trying to learn).

So this is really my second quilt, since the first one was donated. The fabric for the first quilt was sourced through WalMart, but by the second attempt I had found a Joann’s fabric and a local-ish quilt shop.

I remember that I loved the white with multi-colored polka dot fabric.

Quilting is amazing, because it really does last a long time. So many crafty things we make are trendy or disposable, but quilts last for years!

Need to restitch this quilt so that it lasts another 10 years! This 10-year old quilt might need some restitching

Some of the threads popped on this one, so I should probably work on re-stitching a few portions. Just to ensure it lasts another 10 years!

The minky backing on this fun quilt is one of my favorite things!

The minky backing is everyone’s favorite thing, and it is really soft!

Here’s a link to this free 10-year old ice cream cone pattern, Single Scoop by Quilt Maker Magazine.

What was your first quilt? Probably something easier than this… I’m not sure why I didn’t just try a quilt with squares first lol

flashback friday! Technically my  second quilt, since the first was donated, but I made this one when I was 16