Finished Shibori Tie Dye Quilt!

indigo shibori tie dye hand dyed fabric made into log cabin strips

Happy to announce that I finally finished my Shibori Tie Dyed quilt! The blocks were sitting on my sewing table for months, and I realized I had scheduled a brand new quilt for today’s post. I said, “NO, let’s finish this one FIRST.” Take that procrastination!

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I’m so happy with the results of this quilt. My family is a little disappointed because it doesn’t have a minky or flannel backing… but let me tell you – it’s so much easier to sew normal fabric on the back of a quilt! It’s been a while since I’ve done that!

Finished shibori tie dye log cabin quilt

Quilt Details:

  • 48 x 72 : an extra-long throw
  • Hand-dyed tie dye fabric
  • Solid Navy (middle square & backing)
  • White dots on White Background (for some reason I can’t just buy WHITE fabric)
  • Navy with White Polka Dots (something from Joann’s
  • Twin Size Backing

First of all, you all know that I’m obsessed with the log cabin block. So simple and fast, but it really displays the fabric well. I also love mixing the modern aspects (negative space, straight-line quilting, TIE DYE) with a traditional pattern.

Finished shibori tie dye quilt log cabin pattern

Finished shibori tie dye quilt log cabin pattern

Let’s talk about binding: I hate it. BUT this time I made bias tape and sewed both sides at once. SO MUCH EASIER.
My corners are almost perfectly mitered. It takes half the time, because I’m only sewing around the whole quilt once. Never going back.
AND it gives me an excuse to buy from So Biased ūüôā

mitered corners using bias binding tap einstead of stitch in the ditch method Using bias tape as binding worked really well for me this time! I definitely prefer it to the stitch i n the ditch method

And don’t you love my little “Handmade by Danielle Wilson” tags? I put them on everything! Maybe I should add the year somewhere for reference? At least I have this blog to record when I made everything!

8 10 finished shibori quilt-9

shibori log cabin quilt with hand dyed fabric


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blogger bloopers because sometimes quilts don't cooperate with the wind blogger bloopers because the quilt is a little taller than I am