finally made the pillows!!

So I bought fabric for pillows a few weeks ago… and I was just being lazy by not making them. I made some for my mom that took about 45 minutes/pillow, so I thought it was going to take more time than I had. I was wrong.

I used this tutorial from the Pottery Barn blog and each pillow probably took 15-20 minutes to sew. Seriously, the easiest pillow covers ever. I finished them so quickly I forgot to take pics along the way to show you 🙁 maybe next time.

**I needed to make them quickly because we had friends visiting the apartment in less than an hour, and the pillows that came with the couch were hideous. **

april 29 pic1


Grey and Yellow are my colors 🙂 the walls are grey… and eventually we’ll have yellow curtains. The solid yellow pillows are from Kohl’s : buy one get one for $1: total $25 and they’re super comfy. Oh, and I had Kohl’s gift cards, so I didn’t actually pay for them. Definitely the best part.

april 29 pic2


This is the back of the pillow – I’m so proud of myself because the pattern almost lines up. I think it does line up when it’s laying flat. The inserts are 20in x 20in from BB&B.

Fabric is Waverly from Joann’s…. i was on sale for $11/yard and I bought 2 yards, but didn’t use all of it.