Felt Ornaments

12 7 felt ornaments-2

So it’s been a while, but my mom and I pulled out the cricut to make some ornaments this year! West Elm was selling felt ornaments, and I knew I could make them myself.

I learned a lot about using the cricut on felt – it took about an hour and a few youtube videos until we figured it out…

12 7 felt ornaments-12

west elm inspiration…

12 7 felt ornaments1

My mom bought a Cricut Expression about 3 years ago, so we also bought the universal keyboard layout to use with the new cartridges.

12 7 felt ornaments2

We’re using some of these for gift tags on packages, as well.

About cutting on felt:

  • Buy the better felt! We tried to use cheaper felt with stabilizer, but it just didn’t work as well. Definitely recommend the “Friendly Felt” with some glitter :)
  • Use the Deep Cut Blade (set to 6) and Housing
  • Use the StrongGrip mat from cricut
  • Set the machine to max pressure and low speed
  • Choose patterns with few cuts – the reindeer antlers were not clean, so I had to cut them with an x-acto knife

For some reason, this is the only way it works… I tried multi cuts, the normal housing, new blades, different felts…. this is the best and cleanest way! The felt will punch out really easily, and it looks great!

Love this project and can’t wait to hang some on my tree and wrap my gifts!